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US Search has been around for as long as people have been conducting background checks. Tracing its history back more than 20 years to 1994, this Bellevue-founded company is guided by background checking royalty Kyle Natorp. With recommendations from WSJ and CBS – US Search began life pre-online and has continued its market dominance throughout the .com boom.

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US Search offers the full package of searches – from basic people lookups to in-depth criminal background and innovative social network indexing. Leaving no stone unturned, you are afforded every possible method in the search for somebody when using this Washington-based company – whether you’re armed just with a name or with the full details of an individual. Records are kept rapidly up-to-date by searching and crawling live records, so you can be assured that your information is as accurate as possible.

Report Details

We attempted to track down an individual in the United States and discover their criminal background. We used their first name, surname and state – which offered us 3 results. Only one of them was in the correct city, so we quickly identified our target from the list. US Search indicated that there was information available on criminal records, lawsuits, misdemeanors, felonies and more. We would also, of course, be privy to address history, properties, e-mail address etc.

Having found the individual with the correct name and address, we’re confident of the accuracy of the full report – which is available in either statewide or nationwide options. We could have purchased either of these as a one-off product and the sample report showed us the level of detail on offer: case numbers, sources, filing dates, disposition dates, arrest types etc.

Key Features

It’s very simple to get a report from US Search – it’s not a company that’s jumped on the responsive website or clever marketing bandwagon. Everything is very utilitarian and does the job well – making it far more usable in comparison to the competition. Free searches are more than enough to determine whether a full report is worth paying for and being able to track people down simply by their social media network could be invaluable when screening people.


Trial Membership
Single Report
1 Month: $19,95

Criminal background checks through US Search don’t require or offer a free trial, per se. However, they do offer an opportunity to get 7 days of unlimited reports only for $7.95. In addition, you can make very reasonably priced single report purchases which come armed with the entire criminal background of your target individual. With the Instant State Criminal Search offering at a special price of $9.85 with OmniSearch and the Instant Nationwide Criminal Search available for $18.75, for the level of detail and the prestige of the provider, prices are incredibly competitive.


With recommendations from CBS and WSJ, not to mention an illustrious 20 year history – US Search cannot be questioned on its reliability. There are 20+ pages of testimonials on the company website which, quite literally, speak for themselves…

Safety & Security

The US Search website is protected by industry leading TRUSTe security, along with SSL encryption from GoDaddy. All data entered into the site and extracted from it is thoroughly protected.

Customer Support

You can contact US Search through e-mail, by post or by toll-free phone lines. All customer support agents are helpful, knowledgeable and friendly – along with being contactable on extended weekday hours.

Bottom Line

US Search definitely lives up to its reputation with one of the finest criminal background checking services around. An outstanding choice of options coupled with top market security makes it one of the very best choices available.

US Search US Search Visit Site

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