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BeenVerified is one of the most recognizable brands in the criminal background industry, known for a long history of reliability and prestige. With a history stretching back to 2008, this experienced company is well known for its innovative advertising strategy that has attracted millions of visitors to its site since its inception.

There’s no stone left unturned at BeenVerified, if you have even the slightest drop of information on somebody – their background is yours to browse.

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Available Searches

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The world really is your oyster and you can look people up using phone numbers, name, e-mail addresses and more. Criminal background is one of the most extensive search functions from BeenVerified, boasting information from state and national records; including judgments, liens, arrests, misdemeanors, bankruptcies etc.

Report Details

We wanted to test the famous reliability and accuracy of BeenVerified, so we tried to track somebody down. Using only the individual’s first name, surname and state – we entered the information and were instantly presented with 2 options. Information available for preview included city, age and relatives; so we could quickly identify which one was our man. Having found the individual, we were able to access a full background report (upon purchase) that included the entire scope of criminal history.

If we were to purchase a report, it would delve into information on personal life, property, criminal, relatives, sex offences and miscellaneous. Third-party reviews show these to be highly comprehensive.

Key Features

All of the searches available through BeenVerified are fantastic in both usability and accuracy. Information returned comes by the truck load, yet presented in an easy to understand format that lends itself to quick scanning. You can find a bunch of information that you’d never expect to have access to – including the ability to find past roommates of an individual who are of no blood relation. The power of the data is more than impressive.


Trial Membership
$1.00/7-Day Trial

Pricing is easy to understand and there are no complex plans to get yourself knotted up in. Without free trials or single reports, BeenVerified is only available through memberships of one, three or six month periods. Payment is taken up front and is cheaper based on the length of your subscription.


Reliability will inevitably depend upon the source of the information, but BeenVerified uses an outstanding array of data crawlers. With access to government records at state and national level – you can be assured that information is coming straight from the horse’s mouth.

Safety & Security

BeenVerified’s secure data server is protected by some of the best SSL encryption on the web, so you can be sure that none of your data is going to be intercepted. VeriSign is behind the bulk of the security and you don’t get much better…

Customer Support

Another area in which BeenVerified excels is customer support. It’s available through detailed FAQ pages, toll-free phone lines, e-mail, support tickets, blog and social media. BeenVerified is certainly one of the most accessible and user-friendly companies out there.

Bottom Line

BeenVerified is famous and popular for a reason – it’s one of the best at what it does. People hiding their criminal past should be rightly afraid of the power of a BeenVerified search, there’s nothing that it doesn’t uncover. For those looking to uncover this information, you can rest easy knowing that the data is yours to browse.

BeenVerified BeenVerified Visit Site

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