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In a Nutshell

Instant Checkmate is a Las Vegas-based criminal background service, allowing you to uncover hidden histories of any individual in the United States. This Nevadan company was founded in 2010 and began life as a tool to help online daters verify the identity of their matches. With more than 100 employees and praise from AOL, Fox, Yahoo, ABC and Mashable – this relatively young provider is rocketing to the top of our considerations.

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Available Searches

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Due to its roots as an identity verifier for online daters, Instant Checkmate has never introduced the option for reverse phone or e-mail search. You will need to know the name of an individual that you want to research, but the detail that you’re provided with is excellent. Millions of public and private records are indexed including national, state and federal court documents – along with police enforcement information. You’ll be able to find details of individual arrests, dispositions and sentences.

Report Details

Armed with the first name, surname and state of an individual in the United States; we entered their information in the homepage search bar on Instant Checkmate. We watched a progress bar fill as individual item details were ticked as the search checked for them – these included arrest records, misdemeanors, felonies, lawsuits, speeding tickets, sexual offenses and more. Our report preview returned 2 individuals and our target was immediately identifiable as we could now see their age, middle initial, city and relatives.

To find out more information from them, we selected the correct individual from the list and the reporting software again went to work. Building the report in the background, we watched it tick off more information items along with crawling social networks too. We would have full access to this information should we choose to purchase a trial, single report or membership.

Key Features

The search process is a drawn-out spectacle with lots of loading bars and individual item checking, so it’s not surprising to find out that Instant Checkmate scans more than 30 databases to build its report. Whilst clearly complex in the background, the user interface is perfect in simplicity. A nice touch, obviously leftover from its days in the online dating sector, is that horoscope information is provided on a targeted individual.


Trial Membership
$1.00/5-Day Trial
Single Report

Instant Checkmate makes it easy to purchase a report; whether you want to run a quick trial to check reliability, a one-off or a rolling membership. Pricing is more than reasonable considering the level of detail available in these reports and the $1.00 5-Day Trial is unbeatable.


We were convinced by the reliability of Instant Checkmate during our tests, but find out yourself with free sample reports. You can take solace that Fox, ABC, CNN and CBS have all recommended Instant Checkmate.

Safety & Security

Both Norton and VeriSign lend their protection to the Instant Checkmate website. This secures all data transmitted by the customer and by the company – leaving no room for interception, hacking or data loss.

Customer Support

If the FAQ page doesn’t solve your problem, you’ll find that Instant Checkmate operates one of the few toll-free 24h phone lines in the industry. You can also send e-mails or engage via social media – no stone left unturned!

Bottom Line

Instant Checkmate is one of the best criminal background checkers online. Its reliability, combined with powerful searching and accessible pricing – makes it a top choice for anybody looking for more information about another U.S citizen.

Instant Check Mate Instant Check Mate Visit Site

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