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Intelius, with the slogan of ‘Live in the know’, is widely regarded as one of the best online platforms for people searching. With more than a decade of experience, this company was founded in 2003 and pre-dates most of its competition. With more than 8 million subscribers on its books and as a recent addition to the Inc. 500, the Washington-based company more than lives up to its name.

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Available Searches

Report Services
Statewide Criminal Background Check
Nationwide Criminal Background Check
Court Records
Public Records
Background Check
People Search
Reverse Phone Number Search
Reverse E-mail Search

Criminal background checks through Intelius include public records, felony, misdemeanor and DUI information, along with offense type and date. Court Records will also show court name, case numbers and outcome of charges. More general Background Checks include marriage/divorce records, lawsuits, financial history, property records and more. All searches are entirely confidential and the target of your search can never find out about. In fact nobody will find out – the entire process is safe and secure.

Report Details

To conduct a Criminal Background check on somebody, all you need is their first and last name. You have the option to select a state, but this is only available to refine your searches more closely. Once entered, public records are searched in real time and you’re given the option of purchasing a statewide or nationwide criminal check. Information included contains disposition date, felony, offense date and code, case number and more. Without purchasing a check, you can’t find out the contents of the report.

We searched for the same person using the Intelius people search – and found that the data was accurate; it had our target’s city, age and relatives. With this basic accuracy, we’re confident that the criminal background check would follow in these footsteps.

Key Features

Along with the detailed criminal background search on offer from Intelius, the company also offers identity protection, employee screening, reverse lookup and more. You can also hunt down an individual based on their social network, which is another good feature not seen in many other platforms. You can view sample reports for each type of search, but only with standard information – not personalized to your individual target.


Trial Membership
$7.95/7-Day Trial
Single Report
1 Month: $19.95
12 Month: $9.91

Intelius works primarily on a report-by-report basis, making it brilliant for those who don’t use the platform on a regular basis. Pricing is very reasonable when compared to the detail contained within the report. For $7.95, Intelius offers a Premier Offer which offers a 7-Day trial for $7.95. Once the week has been completed, the cost of a monthly membership is $19.95. While the cost of a single report is $49.95, there is a $10 price discount available dropping the price to $39.95.


Intelius is an incredibly reliable provider – so reliable that many of its competitors use the Intelius search model for their own indexing. You can also run free basic searches to assess accuracy and the company has an A+ BBB accreditation.

Safety & Security

All searches are carried out behind secure SSL encryption, as is the entire booking process. There’s no risk of any data being lost or intercepted and safety is pretty much 100% guaranteed.

Customer Support

Intelius is a very approachable company in terms of customer service, with FAQ pages; extended hours phone lines and e-mail support. You can expect feedback within a few hours from e-mail.

Bottom Line

Intelius is top of the game for a reason. Prices are sensible, features are impressive and customer support is stellar. With more than ten years of experience and a whole raft of search types available to find information out about an individual, Intelius delivers an unbeatable service. If you’re looking for criminal background checks, there are few providers as comprehensive.

Intelius Intelius Visit Intelius

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